As Criminal Defense Lawyer in Strasbourg, Dr KILINÇ intervenes at all stages of the procedure:

Dr Kilinc will advise and assist you to provide you with appropriate and effective assistance, whether you are the perpetrator or the victim of an offence.

Each criminal case is different and has its own particularities. A personalised criminal defence must, therefore, be adopted for each situation. Even if your guilt is inevitable, this particular work, reinforced by the necessary documents, in particular in your personal and professional situation, will allow you to obtain a fair and appropriate sanction.

It is important that the lawyer intervenes before the case is referred to the courts. The first contact during police custody or during the free hearing will enable him to have initial ideas on the acts complained of and initial thoughts for the defence to be put in place.

At the end of police custody and the free hearing, the Public Prosecutor has several ways to deal with the case:

KILINÇ Law Office will assist you before the Police Court, the Criminal Court or the Assize Court, from the custody and criminal investigation stage to the trial.


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